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Eventually, Zen begrudgingly accepts their relationship yet not much it will make your ‘cringe’ to see Jumin thus lovey-dovey
Eventually, Zen begrudgingly accepts their relationship yet not much it will make your 'cringe' to see Jumin thus lovey-dovey

Zen will not bother to refer in order to E the third from the her name, knowing complete really they annoys Jumin and is also the sole time that he is able to draw a reaction regarding most other boy

Of all the users on RFA, Zen gets along the very least having Jumin, just who the guy views to be an effective 'trust loans jerk' who had been produced that have a silver spoon in his throat, and you can thinks one to Jumin is actually a robotic person who only cares having his currency with his cat, Elizabeth the third. Zen can often be vital into Jumin away from their procedures for the Jaehee, disagreeing that have exactly how much Jumin works his assistant even after Jaehee stating inside the Jumin's station that Jumin's work was higher than her own. Down seriously to his hate to your Jumin, Zen attempts to stop him no matter what, talking about your just once the 'jerk' and you may worrying just in case Jumin enters new chat. Since the video game is originally devote Korean, the MC can explain how Zen doesn't talk for the honorifics so you're able to Jumin, which in Korean are a sign of esteem so you can someone older.

Although not, Zen's animosity is not reciprocated and Jumin retains zero hatred for the Zen, as well as sees your because the a pal even with Zen's treatment into your and you can Jumin even directs Zen bodyguards around chance of the latest hacker inside the station. Jumin keeps offered modeling and you can sponsorships has the benefit of to your Zen several times, recognizing his ability with his seems but Zen keeps refused them when, employing very first meeting end with Zen rejecting Jumin's promote away from employment. Their ideal bones out-of contention originates from Zen's hatred of kitties and Jumin's love for them - tend to, Jumin will send photographs from E the third towards the talk realizing that, great is Zen's allergy symptoms, it will set Zen of as well as going as much as to carry to your pet for the earlier in the day party making Zen's hypersensitive reactions work up to a really high degree.

It is just for the Zen's station perform the one or two begin to discover eyes so you can eye; Jumin is the one to set up Zen and also the MC's fulfilling, deciding to make the necessary plans to carry the newest MC off to Zen's household despite his or her own personal belief that men and women is to not be life along with her otherwise spending total free dating sites night with her before matrimony; merely at some point do Zen recognise Jumin's assist and provide out of relationship, apologising having misdirecting their outrage that he sensed with the his aunt to Jumin, that additional child accepts and when once more helps make an enthusiastic promote of obtaining Zen function as face regarding a tea cup venture he or she is focusing on.

The two considerably conflict in the Jumin's route, assaulting more very than normal over Jumin's measures having the MC stay static in his penthouse; many times really does Zen jeopardize Jumin to help you 'release' the fresh new MC, warning the MC one to Jumin was a person and this good beast and this she cannot faith your to not do anything.


Jaehee and you will Zen try best friends, with Jaehee and are good diehard enthusiast out of Zen, will complimenting your with the their seems and you will fangirling over the selfies he frequently directs to your chats. Jaehee's professionalism merely cracks whenever around Zen and you can she is extremely defensive more than Zen with his community, to the level in which she will reprimand the fresh new MC if she suspects the latest MC having thoughts having Zen, whether or not the MC is actually their route or perhaps not; although not, this lady protectiveness is complete out of question to have Zen and his growing dominance, being afraid you to a scandal you are going to happen and end up harming their industry.

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Gus Dedek & Dayu Arista

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